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We assist heal our individuals at a mobile level– that’s

the bottom line. We are an exclusive -globe course- alternative clinical spa recovery people who are enduring with dependency, clinical depression, trauma, PTSD. We offer something various other therapy facilities don’t; real techniques to heal as well as help patients recover.
Our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol the” Pouyan Method” has an impressive success price at reversing and also curing PTSD, Trauma, clinical depression and also drug addictions as well! addictions to Crack– Meth– Heroin– Benzos– Oxycontin– Cocaine– Alcohol– Suboxone– Methadone At The Holistic Sanctuary, we additionally have a Treatment For PTSD. We likewise supply exclusive copyrighted pending protocol that is 100% Holistic that Cures Depression, as well as healing the damaging impacts of chemical dependence to likewise cure PTSD, Depression, Alcoholism, dependency as well as trauma. Exactly how Do We Treat PTSD, Depression, Trauma, alcohol addiction as well as addiction? 1– Locate, then assist resolve the underlying source of a lot of, if not all Symptoms. 2– Safely detox all numbing deposits from the body. 3– Help Repair the harmed brain to a pre-addicted state. 4
–Utilize a sober coach to help Reprogram the mind and end negative idea patterns. 5- Treat emotional injury as well as PTSD with plant medication. 6- Repair the body immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method. 7- Activate Stem Cells in the body to recover faster than typical.
8– Teach a total all natural lifestyle change. For more information or to register at the center, Please contact  us at 310-750-4605 Sober Coach Call Now!

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